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I first stumbled across Deviant Arts over a decade ago while I was searching for anime drawings.  Then when I explored it further I thought well..., this looks really, really interesting not realizing just how incredibly big, diverse and populated the site actually was!

At first I started out as just another lurker checking in from time to time viewing anything I could see that wasn't 'mature, strict'.  But as I discovered more and more of the ah...., mature stuff; I finally decided to bite the bullet and become a member precisely so I could actually see the 'mature, strict' stuff!  :slow:

That led to a couple more years of amazing discoveries in everything from fantasy, sci-fi, anime, ultra cute drawings and of course... 'the adult stuff'!  And my favourites collection started to grow so huge I had to start categorizing it which led me one day to think.... "I really should set up a proper 'favourites' collection so others on Deviant Arts can see some of these wonderful little gems that I've discovered in the back galleries that deserve to be better known?"  So I signed up for a full membership and set up what I hoped would be one of the best favourites collections on D.A. and the rest as they say is history!

Of course at the time I never envisioned how big and diverse it would get.  I figured I'd get a few thousand looks, a handful of watchers and that would be it.  But I must have done a much better job than I figured I would because soon the page views started mounting and the watchers started appearing and here I am a decade later with nearly 200 watchers, a 100,000 page views and I'm even contributing my own literary works which I never thought I'd have the courage to do.  It's been quite a journey and I thank you all!  :hug:

Anyhoo, most DA contributors at this point would do a special drawing to memorialize their accomplishment but I'm a scribe and a wordsmith, albeit a very good one; but sadly not an artist.  So instead the only thing I can do as a thank you to my loyal viewers is to speed up and give you an extra double helping of the next two parts of my long running and hopefully enjoyable cross dressing, age regression & domination  "House on the Hill" mini novelette for those who enjoy the genre!

And for those who are not, my very sincere THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! for helping me get to this milestone!  :hug: .  :love:

  • Listening to: Home Theatre System
  • Reading: Too busy writing my own!
  • Watching: Sailor Moon Super S, Tales of a Cat God
  • Eating: Whatever will fit on the Barbie!
  • Drinking: 12 year Cdn Whiskie, Kraken Rum


__Slowly Fading Away__
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Residence: Southern Ontario (Little snow, lot's of freezing!)
Operating System: Windows 7 (HP Phenom II Quad-Core)
Interests: Anime, Audio/Video, Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Adult Fantasy
Favourite genre of music: Classical

Fav Movies: L.O.R., Star Wars, Starship Troopers, Forbidden Planet
Fav Animated Movies: Titan A.E., Monsters vs. Aliens, The Incredibles
Fav Anime Movies: Kiki's Del. Service, Mononoke, Patlabor 2, G.I.T.S.
Favourite Animes: Princess Nine, Angelic Layer, Gundam Seed, Kamichu!

My Favourites Folders


To make the most comprehensive and best favourites display on Deviant Arts! Showcasing the very best of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Cosplay, Portraiture and all things cute and cuddly!

Plus in the Adult realm all the very best (or at least most interesting) of DID, Gay, Bondage, Pinups, Transgender, Fetish or anything else that catches my amusement and/or interests!

I'd say the collections are about equally divided between general and adult material.


For smaller sites I'll go in and pick out not just the best; but examples from all the artist's various genres and time periods. I'll generally limit this to half a dozen pic's but if necessary; I'll repeat this in more than one Fav folder until you can get a pretty good overview of his/her works! Then check back once or twice a year and update as necessary.


Everything of a general or family nature will get posted to the main fav's page first. As new stuff get's added, the oldest will be moved to the individual collections. Fav's of a more adult nature will get posted immediately to the adult collections.

As for the collections; those at the top are of a more general or family friendly nature. This way families and kids can safely surf through my fav's without hitting a raft of those blank DA placeholders. In fact, they may never even notice them.


FANTASY AND SCI-FI DRAWINGS, PAINTINGS - Pretty much as the name implies. Mostly fantasy and mostly family friendly although there's quite a few bare-breasted elf's in there as well! (Hey, don't blame me, blame the elf's!)

FANTASY AND SCI-FI 3D, CG, PHOTO, FLASH - The same as above except in 3D and CG formats. There's also the odd Photo manipulation and Flash animation as well.

COSPLAY AND PORTRAITURE - All the best of the best. 90% family friendly. Adult stuff is further down.

These three folders are where all the cute stuff goes. You know, the sort of drawings you see and immediately go, "Oh my God, how Cute! I've got to fav this!"

The first one is the most family friendly, the second more teen oriented and the third a bit more adult but there's lots of overlap so expect to find ultra cute and the odd darker fav in all three folders.

CUTIES, COUPLES AND PINUPS 3D - As above but in 3D, CG, Photo, etc.

COMICS, CARTOONS AND PARODIES - As a lot of humour tends to be adult in nature, I'd say this folder is about half family friendly and half adult. In addition to comedy, there are some nice little cartoons and a lot of parodies in there as well.

DAMSELS IN DISTRESS DRAWINGS, PAINTINGS - Pretty much as the name implies. This is where the adult stuff starts. Some lovely drawings and paintings in here if you like the genre. If you don't, well...., just don't watch it! In numerous folders as the originals just kept getting too damned big! (Hey, there's a reason they call this site Deviant Arts!) :blush:

DAMSELS IN DISTRESS 3D, CG AND PHOTO - Basically the same as the above except the artwork is in 3D and CG formats. There's also stuff from Second Life, Photo Manip's and Adult Photography as well. In numerous folders for the same reasons as above.

TG, TF, YURI, BOYS, 3D, CG AND PHOTO (Mainly 3D) and
TG, TF, YURI AND BOYS IN DISTRESS (Drawings/paintings) -
Here you'll find the bondage drawings, paintings, renderings, etc. that are MORE than just bondage! In other words, that have elements of sado/masochism, contraptions, intercourse, girl on girl or boy on boy, fem/dom, etc., etc.
Plus everything else of an adult nature from gay, yuri (girl love), crossdressing, boys in bondage, adult babies, age regression, transformations (human to animal, boy to girl, etc.), spanking, tickling, leather, rubber, pony play, all types of fetishes, etc. and anything else that doesn't fit in the normal bondage and adult stuff above. (I won't do the extreme torture stuff though.) It's an incredible variety and I'm still discovering more. Once again, if you don't like any of the above, don't look. That's why I put them at the bottom. In numerous folders.

DID, TG, TF or YURI STORYLINES - As above but in multi-posting storylines. More than 5 or 6 in any storyline will go here. Once again, if you don't like them, don't look! In two folders.

Anyhoo, that's the way I've set up my fav's. I hope you like it. The main intention is not only to make it easier for you to find what you like, but more importantly to highlight some of these wonderful little gem's on the site that may have been over looked or buried and give them a second chance at life. Let me know if it's working?


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