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I'm an old Otaku. I have been ever since I re-discovered Japanese Anime back in the Dinosaur Age.  (Otherwise known as the old cable channel, VHS age!)  And one question keeps popping up year after year from newer Otaku.  "What's the best anime series ever made?  What makes X or Y soooo important to you older geezers....., err........ Otaku?  Why do you call these older series essential?"  So kiddies, here's the answer.  You may want to take notes! ;)

First off, an "essential older collection" is different from a simple list of favorites. There are series out there which have become institutions of a sort, and which are exemplary of their genre (or were in many cases even responsible for perfecting their genre).  They may or may not have been superseded since, but they are still the yardstick upon which newer series are measured: 

The top ten older essential anime series!

Gundam - (any one you choose). The series that have always defined the giant mech genre. The only way you would get my own personal favourite Gundam Seed away from me is over my cold lifeless body.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - The classic WTF series combined with Giant Robots. Love it or hate it, if you haven't at least seen it, you're not a true Otaku. Rahxephon would be a good runner up.

Record of Lodoss War - (the first series). Brought classic fantasy to North American anime. Escaflowne would be a good second choice.

Princess Nine - The first and arguably still one of the best sports anime ever licensed over here. I feel sad for the newer otaku who have never seen this classic.

Crest/Banner of the Stars - Proved that you could adapt a serious sci-fi novel to anime. Twelve Kingdoms would be a good runner-up for fantasy fans!

Bubblegum Crisis - (the original eight OVA's) - The classic that defined the killer cyborg/blade runner type genre. Still one of the very best.

Ai Yori Aoshi - The best damned harem anime ever made! Proves that a harem anime isn't just panty shots! Runners-up. Any of the Tenchi Muyo's.

Robotech - The series that for many of us, pioneered Japanese animation into North America. What a revelation at the time compared to a GI Joe or a Transformers. An animated series in which people had doubts and even hero's could die! Even today, it is one of the best examples of an early space opera out there. Star Blazers would be a good runner-up.

His & Her Circustances - one of the classic and best school romance/relationship series out there. A good runner up would be Fruit's Basket or newer series like Kanon.

Haibane-Renmei / Kamichu! - (a tie) Perfect examples that anime doesn't have to be about conflict, killing or even having a villain at all. That an anime series can just be wonderful and magical in it's own right. Angelic Layer, Kaleido Star and Initial D would all be good runners-up.

I haven't bothered to list anything in say a specific comedy genre nor Shonen fighting genre as there's simply too many out there and I wanted to keep the listing to ten. Nor have I bothered with the really dark angsty and/or crazy paranoid series for similar reasons. People's tastes just vary too much for any to really end up in a must have category.


__Slowly Fading Away__
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Residence: Southern Ontario (Little snow, lot's of freezing!)
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Interests: Anime, Audio/Video, Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Adult Fantasy
Favourite genre of music: Classical

Fav Movies: L.O.R., Star Wars, Starship Troopers, Forbidden Planet
Fav Animated Movies: Titan A.E., Monsters vs. Aliens, The Incredibles
Fav Anime Movies: Kiki's Del. Service, Mononoke, Patlabor 2, G.I.T.S.
Favourite Animes: Princess Nine, Angelic Layer, Gundam Seed, Kamichu!

My Favourites Folders


To make the most comprehensive and best favourites display on Deviant Arts! Showcasing the very best of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Cosplay, Portraiture and all things cute and cuddly!

Plus in the Adult realm all the very best (or at least most interesting) of DID, Gay, Yuri, Pinups, Transgender, Fetish or anything else that catches my amusement and/or interests!


For smaller sites I'll go in and pick out not just the best; but examples from all the artist's various genres and time periods. I'll generally limit this to half a dozen pic's but if necessary; I'll repeat this in more than one Fav folder until you can get a pretty good overview of his/her works! Then check back once or twice a year and update as necessary.

For larger sites with numerous artwork, interest or volume of art; I'll generally start with the oldest (which are most likely to be archived and frankly need the love) and pick out one or two good examples from each page and work my way forward. For sites with exceptional numbers or constant updates; I may do up to six or seven each in multiple folders. Then come back every two or three months just to catch up.

This way, you will be continually exposed to the best of the best in whatever category you're interested in and a wider assortment of viewer's may discover these wonderful creations before they vanish. Rather than being buried 90 pages down in a bloated favourites collection where nobody will ever see them.


Everything of a general or family nature will get posted to the main fav's page first. As new stuff get's added, the oldest will be moved to the individual collections. Fav's of a more adult nature will get posted immediately to the adult collections.

As for the collections; those at the top are of a more general or family friendly nature. This way families and kids can safely surf through my fav's without hitting a raft of those blank DA placeholders. In fact, they may never even notice them.


FANTASY AND SCI-FI DRAWINGS, PAINTINGS - Pretty much as the name implies. Mostly fantasy and mostly family friendly although there's quite a few bare-breasted elf's in there as well! (Hey, don't blame me, blame the elf's!) In two folders.

FANTASY AND SCI-FI 3D, CG, PHOTO, FLASH - The same as above except in 3D and CG formats. There's also the odd Photo manipulation and Flash animation as well.

COSPLAY AND PORTRAITURE - All the best of the best. 90% family friendly. Adult stuff is further down.

CUTIES, COUPLES AND FAMILY - This is where all the cute stuff goes. You know, the sort of drawings you see and immediately go, "Oh my God, how Cute! I've got to fav this!" The title is pretty explanatory.

MORE CUTIES, COUPLES AND PINUPS - Similar to the above except the cuties are a little more adult or in lingerie. Pinups also go here as well.

COMICS, CARTOONS AND PARODIES - As a lot of humour tends to be adult in nature, I'd say this folder is about half family friendly and half adult. In addition to comedy, there are some nice little cartoons and a lot of parodies in there as well.

DAMSELS IN DISTRESS DRAWINGS, PAINTINGS - Pretty much as the name implies. This is where the adult stuff starts. Some lovely drawings and paintings in here if you like the genre. If you don't, well...., just don't watch it! In six folders as the original was just getting too damned big! (Hey, there's a reason they call this site Deviant Arts!) :blush:

DAMSELS IN DISTRESS 3D, CG AND PHOTO - Basically the same as the above except the artwork is in 3D and CG formats. There's also stuff from Second Life, Photo Manip's and adult photography as well. In four folders for the same reasons as above.

TG, TF, YURI AND BOYS IN DISTRESS - Here you'll find everything from gay, yuri (girl love), crossdressing, boys in bondage, adult babies, age regression, transformations (human to animal, boy to girl, etc.), spanking and anything adult that doesn't fit in above. It's quite a variety! Again, as above, if you don't like it, don't look. That's why I put it at the bottom. In three folders.

DID, TG, TF or YURI STORYLINES - As above but in multi-posting storylines. More than 5 or 6 in any category will go here. Once again, if you don't like them, don't look! In two folders.

Anyhoo, that's the way I've set up my fav's. I hope you like it. The main intention is not only to make it easier for you to find what you like, but more importantly to highlight some of these wonderful little gem's on the site that may have been over looked or buried and give them a second chance at life. Let me know if it's working?


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